ABA - Basset Bleu de Gascogne boy for sale

Price : 1000 euro
"ABA" Basset Bleu de Gascogne boy for sale.

1.000 EURO with all documents, all vaccinations and chip.

Birthday is 2019.02.13.

He is in Hungary, Europe.

Shipping is available worldwide.

His brothers went to USA and UK.

He is a healthy and strong dog.

He will be a big dog.

Now his size is like his fathers.

His color is very unique in his breed.

He is a funny fersonality, very big face.

He eat: cow, rabbit, duck, goat, goat milk and grains.

He is a perfect choice to hunt too. They have perfect smell.

You can see him in their group since birthday.

FCI: 168/19. Kennel: SZANIER

Category: Animals

Advert Type: Sell

Pet type : Dog

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Hungary , Europe