Belgian Shepherd Malinois Puppies KNPV lines

Born to Win Warrior FCI kennel is planning KNPV line Belgian Shepherd Malinois litter for January 2019.
25.11.2018 were mated Belgian Shepherd Malinois Born to Win Warrior Vesuvius with a Dutch origin Belgian Shepherd Malinois police dog Smoke van Valesca’s Home.

We chose Smoke after our long time search. Smoke is active working Police Dog in the Netherlands, strong and serious. The policeman who works with Smoke told us that this is his fifth Police Dog and the best of all those. When I asked why Smoke van Valesca's Home is the best, his answer was because Smoke has high will to please the handler. Policeman explained furthermore, that there is no point how strong the dog is or how good he bites if he does not listen his master. Best dogs are those who are strong and great workers in order to please it’s owner. When everything goes well we are expecting the puppies to be born around 25.01.2019

Puppies are close to Monaco and we can help with transportation in France - French Riviera – Côte d’Azur (Cannes, Nice, Menton) and Italy in Italian Riviera – Liguria (Sanremo, Bordighera). We have very good highway connections to come here by car either through France or through Italy and our closest airport is Nice in France with very good return ticket prices with Western Europe.

Parents of the puppies:

Puppies Mother:
Born to Win Warrior Vesuvius HD-A ED-0
Father: Arco van de Zilveren Loop (Dackx Perle de Tourbière x Lolly van de Zilveren Loop)
Mother: Risk van Valesca's Home (Hunther from Marrax Place x Indira van het Merlebosch)

Puppies Father:
Smoke van Valesca's Home HD-A
Father: Boeddha Godard (Senjata's Doerak x Cleo Atak Godard)
Mother: Hefty van de Emmelenhoek (Elgoss x Dina van de Emmelenhoek)

We are a hobby breeding, not business, so we make litters only to get ourselves next generation, and we do not take reservations before the puppies are born! You are welcome to contact us for more information. 

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