Tortoises and fertile eggs available

Price : 150
tortoise species available now;
-Aldabrachelys gigantea gigantea, giant aldabra tortoise
-Astrochelys radiata, radiated tortoise
-Chelonoidis carbonaria, red-footed tortoise
-Chelonoidis denticulata, yellow-footed tortoise
-Chelonoidis nigra, giant galapagos tortoise
-Geochelone elegans, indian star tortoise
-Geochelone platynota, burmese star tortoise
-Geochelone sulcata, african spurred tortoise (sulcata tortoise)
-Indotestudo elongata, elongated Tortoise
-Testudo graeca, greek tortoise
-Testudo hermanni, Herman's tortoise
-Testudo horsfieldii, russian tortoise
-Testudo kleinmanni, egyptian tortoise
-Testudo marginata, marginated tortoise
Let us know which you are interested in taking. Contact for more information and pictures on the tortoise species you are interested in buying.

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