BMX Freestyle professional doing tricks in Monte Carlo with his dog and PetID

Erick Marchello (Le Cow-Boy), BMX Freestyle professional, and 4-time world champion have chosen to keep his dog safe.

PetID Global is a global community where you can register dog and cat, get notifications about their vaccinations and obtain Digital PetID for keeping your dog safe.

Media phenomenon Erick Marchello joined virtual pet community to keep his dog safe. “There is always a challenge when traveling with the dog. While I do my performance, for example here in front of Monte Carlo Casino, he might get lost in the crowds”, says one of the best Country dancers and media phenomenon Erick Marchello. “Now it’s easier when a pet gets lost, people on the streets can just simply scan your animal with their smartphone and momentarily enable to reunite you with your precious pet the same day”, Marchello continues. “PetID Global allows pet owners to register their animal online and order the personal PetID iBeacon, which is based on Apple-developed technology. PetID is linked to your personal information, and it is also linked to the microchip and animal license information that is needed in order to travel to different countries.

PetID iBeacon is linked to your personal information, and once attached to your pet’s collar, allows lost furry friends to be identified via the PetFinder mobile app, and be reunited with their owners,” comments PetID’s founder and CEO Monika Laneman. “It is a simple and reliable solution that works globally”, Laneman adds.

Based on National Council of Pet Population Study and Policy and National Humane Society there are 20 million dogs and cats lost each year in North-America and Europe. Only one in ten pets is found

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