Helping Governments & Communities with Lost & Found Animals

Lately we have witnessed many natural disasters: hurricanes in Caribbean & Unites States, earthquake in Mexico, floods in South Asia, Volcanic eruption in Bali etc. This have caused loss of lives, property and economic damages. But same important as our material things are our four-legged family members.

Even with the best plans, though, pets can get lost in the chaos. Others hide in places where their owners can’t find or reach them and, in the confusion of an evacuation, get left behind.  Some families evacuate without their pets, either because they haven’t made arrangements to take their pets or they don’t think they can.

Imagine, there is a world wide animal database, where you can search and report immediately a found pet! Nowadays it’s a lot of effort, work and heartache before pet might gets back to it’s owner. It’s dangerous if animal is rabid and scared and might attack. Every locality is different, there’s not often time to call and look for shelter and find out from your local animal control agency what your community's animal control laws are, how the shelter or agency operates and how you can best work with it to find the owner of the pet.

That’s why we have created a virtual community for the pet lovers all over the world to unite and come together. To make a difference by helping local communities to structure, organise and find those lost animals faster, safer and more efficiently to return them back to it’s owners. You can register your dog or cat, also see their full vaccination history, get reminders when the new vaccination is due and which you, the dog owner can modify and keep up to date yourself!

Join the PetID Global today and be part of the helping community