Press Release: Launching PetWorld.Global - The Social Network for Pets

PetWorld.Global provides a social network solely for pet owners. It is the place where pet owners can register and manage their pet's profile and homepage, and a place for sharing information among other pet owners. With the possibility to add medical data and vaccination schedule,  it further helps the user to keep track on their animals medical calendar. 

PetWorld.Global is now available for all the pet lovers. It’s a community where pet owners can gather and administrate all information about their pets for free. In addition to the usual social networking option such as posting, liking and commenting the pictures about pets you can now collect and manage all information about your pets, including chip numbers, vaccinations, etc. PetWorld.Global gives also an opportunity to create your own pet profile and homepage. 

“I’m a big dog fan myself and it’s my hobby”, says Monika Laneman the Co-Founder of PetWorld Global. I’m dealing with dogs on daily basis but haven’t found a single place, where all the information can be gathered.  The information shared on Facebook is difficult to find and Google search gives mostly paid results.”

"There came the idea to build a platform, that has a possibility to collect all the information about my dogs. Place, where I can share my dog pictures, without feeling guilty and thinking how my business contacts in other social networks who are not interested in pets, feel”, Laneman added.

According to Laneman, the ability to manage the data yourself is a great benefit because most pet registries are closed. "If the changes or details related to pets contain errors, the owners can make all the necessary changes themselves," said Laneman.

Join the PetWorld.Global community today and be part of the pet networking community - from the pet owners to the pet owners.