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Dear user

First of all, we would like to thank you being a part of our innovative PetID team and welcome the new members! 

Thank you for the extremely positive feedback which we have received from users around the World!

We try to give our best! We are still young and developing the software and the product. 

New exiting things are coming but it all takes time to develop. Be patient! 


New Version of the PetFinder App

New version of the PetFinder app is released again. You can download it from the app store.

The step forward in the development is that it  is possible to send the address or coordinates of the found pet to the owners e-mail.

It should now nicely let you to list your dogs. To upload the pictures of the dogs. Some bug fixes such as e-mail contact form have been fixed.

And most important, it flawlessly scans the PetID-s and gives correct response. The current functionality scans all the PetID-s around and lists them accordingly.

You can download the new version of the PetFinder app from the app stores HERE

And let all your iPhone friends download the PetFinder app too. Maybe, they can one day help someones dog or cat home.

PetFinder PetID

In case you don’t have the PetID yet, you can order it from HERE

PetID is an iBeacon based on Apple introduced technology, the modern way of reuniting lost pets with their owner. Portal 

In case you have not inserted your pets into the system, take your time and list them. List also their details, such as microchip or tattoo or license number. 

List their vaccinations and treatment and when they are due. You will see the benefit by the time when using it. 

The link to the Portal is here 

To be up to date with PetFinder PetID news visit the 

or like the PetID Facebook page HERE

The Summer is here and PetID Team wishes you great and perfect summer!