PetFinder now officially launched

PetID PetFinder app is now officially launched and available to be downloaded in the app stores for iPhone users to identify dogs and cats wearing the PetID.

Never Lose Your Pet Again is the headline used by PetID PetFinder which the Founder and Dog Breeder Monika Laneman who is behind the PetID idea explains as following.

When I lost two of my dogs in Italy and suddenly realised there is not a system how my dogs could be identified, I realised I had to do something about it.I got lucky, my dogs were found and thanks to good people I got my dogs back. But Italy is not such a small country as Estonia, where you can post the lost or found dog on timeline and friends will contact you, go pick up your dog. Estonia is 1 million population and the population in Italy is 60 million people.

How it all got started

I am a very responsible dog owner, or at least I try to be as I feel it is my duty. Being a dog breeder means for me that I must be of an example to others. All my dogs are microchipped, have shots up to date and have got European Union travel passports and they are registered in Estonian governmental digital registry. But it all did not matter when my dogs got lost in Italy.

The time has passed and all those systems are old. People are travelling a lot, there are no borders in European Union. But the databases are still only regional. I am travelling a lot with my dogs in different countries and accidents can happen. But there was no one global registry so I could be able to register my dog to be identified.

So we decided it is now time to change the world for a better place and build a solution which would be one global registry for dog and cat owners where the owners itself can change and keep up to date the information. The first step we did was developing the platform to have global PetID registry such as microchip or any other similar.

Its called PetID Global

It is not only registering your dogs microchip or identification given by local authority but you can also keep track of your dogs  vaccinations and other treatments. Which for me and any other breeder or pet owner is an excellent solution to be notified for upcoming or overdue vaccination. And most important, all this information is confidential, the owner itself decides who can have access to the information.

At the moment I am building up our new software project in Monaco and at the same time travelling in between three countries France, Monaco and Italy. And of course I have my dogs with me. The regulations are so old that with the dogs it seems you must be only living in one country in order it would really work or you would need to register your dog in all those countries you are travelling but its only possible when you have a fixed living place. So I really need a global PetID which is not only locally registered microchip.

So we decided to develop also a pet identification which people could scan with their mobile and contact the owner when they have found a dog or cat on the streets.

The Story

We started with high frequency microchips with one of my dogs BTWW General as testing animal. By the way, not any animals were harmed in the testing phase  General is one of my white shepherds that really has made a history, brought me into dog sport, gave me his daughter with whom we participated in World Championship as first white shepherd ever participating. Long story short, General who is today almost 10 years old already, was our natural selection to be part of the development and testing the solution since the very beginning. A dog that has made the history.

We ordered the test microchips from manufacturer with all the warranties of mobile readability, used on animals etc. So when we got the order, we were so excited, it all seemed to work. We chipped the dog, in this case BTWW General and voila…..

You were all expecting the success story. Yeah, we too. Me and my partner Vladislav Ait.

But that was not the case.

Me and Vladislav have worked together something like 15 years. We have developed different solutions for different softwares and different customers, but it was all the Enterprise level. Now we had to do something very simple, very basic that would really work in heavy duty environment which it really is. We both are dog owners and both know what it means for a dog owner and how it should last. We also know what means software development and to combine it with hardware. But to make it all together work, in a simple way with a dog that was the real challenge.

So we chipped the dog and tried to read the microchip with a mobile phone and it simply could not read it. We tried with iPhones, we tried with Androids, with older versions and then took the most modern smartphones with best readers and

It just was not able to read the chip through the dogs skin.

The technology was not developed on such level so it would be usable in real life.

But we decided, that when you fall down, just get up, clean your trousers and jump again.

This time we tried the GPS technology but that we dropped very fast. It’s old technology and there are many flaws which made it unusable in real life. Even though there are many solutions in the World we felt we should not stick with the old technology with so many flaws. The devices are too large and battery lifetime is only few days and also very sensitive for heavy duty environment not even mentioning the cost.

And then my partner Vladislav started to tell me about iBeacon protocol which was developed by Apple and introduced at the Apple Worldwide Developers Conference in 2013. iBeacon compatible hardware transmitters are Bluetooth low energy devices and the technology enables smartphones, tablets and other devices to perform actions when in close proximity to an iBeacon.

So we decided to give it a try and this time ordered an amount of iBeacons for development and testing. And this time it worked! Finally, after so many months of waiting and testing and spending money and time we really had a working solution!

More information about our PetID can be found 

Happy End

Basically, what we have now is an iBeacon based PetID identification which can be appointed to a dog or cat through the PetFinder app. The PetID itself is for the dogs to wear attached to the collar. And when the dog accidentally runs away then with the PetFinder app the PetID can be scanned and the founder can contact the owner letting know the dog has been found.

There will be many more additions in the near future but we would like to keep it confidential before we launch new versions.

Good thing is that you can add in the system many identifications for the dog. For example the microchip number or tattoo number the dog has. Or in some countries you must have a dog license number which can also be added in the identification list.

With the PetFinder app you can scan the PetID of a loose dog or cat up to maximum 50 meters radius, so you don’t need to get in contact with the strange animal which can sometimes be not safe. In case a person who does not have an app find the dog, then on the PetID they can find the information where to download the app or even just scan the QR code which automatically gets you to the app store to download the app.

The app can be downloaded

The PetFinder app is right now available only for iPhones but the Android version is on the way. We are still in the first version but improving the design and usability and then adding the functionality step by step.

PetFinder – Never Lose Your Pet Again!

Monika Laneman

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