White Puppy with the PetID in Formula 1 Grand Prix in Monaco

Second most famous celebrity next to F1 racers in Grand Prix week in Monaco was our white shepherd puppy BTWW Windsor wearing the PetID.

PetFinder PetID was launched in Monaco the same week as the F1 Grand Prix took place to help people never lose their pets wherever they go.

Formula 1 Grand Prix in Monaco is the most famous and prestigious race of the championship. Good example of a “never give up story” again.

In 1925, the Monaco Automobile Club applied to register with its headquarters. Association of Recognized Automobile Clubs established in 1904 in Paris, a forerunner of today’s International Automobile Federation, FIA.

The Monaco Club, however, was refused a registration. The Association found it inappropriate to accept the tiny state that was not even holding a single race on its territory.

Nevertheless, the Monegasques Alexander Nogez and his son Anthony would not take “no” for an answer. They decided to compete for the Club and came up with a project of holding a Formula-1 race right on the streets of the Principality which they presented to the then ruling Prince of Monaco, Louis II, and the famous Monaco racer, Louis Chiron. The driver approved and fully supported the idea and the Prince allocated the funds for upgrading the roads. The first race of Formula-1 thus took place on the streets of the Principality in 1929. I years Formula 1 Grand Prix in Monaco became the most famous and prestigious race of the championship.

During the Grand Prix days celebrities and motorsport fans come in Monaco from all over the globe. This time also the white shepherd puppy Windsor with PetID was present gaining public attention.

The PetID attached to her collar is the global identification system that helps quickly and efficiently locate the owners of lost pets regardless of what country you are in.

About PetFinder PetID

PetFinder PetID is innovative solution to the lost pet problem. The mobile app PetFinder is effective, easy to use and allows pet owners to register their pet on a global community site that is dedicated to reuniting lost pets with their owners. PetFinder PetID is essential if you are travelling between different countries with your pets. This is the only solution that gives you peace of mind that your dogs will be identifiable if lost – no matter which country you are in.

If you find a lost pet, just turn on the PetFinder Global app and the animal will be identified. The app then enables you to contact the owner directly. The PetID is also linked to the microchip and dog license information that are needed in order to travel to different countries. Microchip information recovery requires a visit to a vet, but most people have a mobile phone.

The service also allows owners to record vaccination, flea and tick treatment dates, and will remind you when they are next due to be given.

The PetFinder Global app is now available for all iPhone users and can be downloaded from the App Stores or though the link https://petid.global/app/

The PetID iBeacon can be bought from the local distributor or ordered online through the link https://order.petid.global


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